If you've given any thought to starting your own California real estate brokerage, you've come to the right place.

The real estate market is making a shift back to a "normal" real estate environment. Now couldn't be a better time to start your own firm.

Before you start your own brokerage, you should consider the following;

1) Do you want to establish your own brand or do you want to participate in a real estate franchise?

2) What is your business model? In other words, do you intend to focus your business as a traditional real estate firm or have you decided to become an online firm or a hybrid of both?

3) Do you intend to be a small boutique real estate firm or do you intend to recruit a large number of agents?

4) Have you incorporated your firm name? It is advised that you seek the consultation of a qualified tax advisor to determine the tax consequences of establishing a corporation versus a d.b.a.

5) Have you researched whether or not you want to sign a long term or short term lease? What kind of square footage do you actually need as a startup?

6) Will you be a sole owner or are you bringing in partners? If you're bringing in partners, determine what they will be bringing to the table in terms of financial investment and or skills.

7) Why do you think you're real estate brokerage start-up will be successful? What makes you and your firm stand out from the rest?

These are just a few questions that you should be able to answer before taking the next step, which would be to secure a broker of record for your firm.

If you feel you would like a preliminary consultation with a potential broker of record, feel free to fill out the online form below. The featured broker will respond to your inquiry usually within a couple of hours of your submission.